Thursday, June 21, 2007

Your Door is Ajar

The door was left cracked open by our future franchise center, this is mildly concerning to me. Obviously if he does in fact have a back injury that really changes things, but I'm sure the medical staff will put him through a variety of tests to see if he does. The wrist injury I don't think is much of an issue, it certainly got stronger as the college season went along and he became more and more dominant over that time.

More concerning would be the workout itself, where he was nervous, got winded, and even apologized twice for his shoddy performance. I think it's safe to assume that Kevin Durant is going to come in here tomorrow and shoot the lights out and look every bit the bad ass that he is. Then we could really be in trouble.

I still fully endorse Greg Oden with the #1 pick, franchise centers win championships, Shaq and Duncan have won 8 titles in the last decade. If you've got a shot at that, you can't afford to pass on him for the next Garnett or Nowitzki, or a hybrid of those two and Kobe all mixed together. Yes, Kevin Durant is fantastic, and yes the Blazers would also be a playoff team and one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA with a starting 5 of Jack, Roy, Durant, Randolph, and Aldridge. But I'm not 100% certain that Kevin Durant brings a championship to Rip City, I am 100% certain that Greg Oden will, at some point in the next decade, win an NBA Title.

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