Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Silly Season

This is the time I like to call the Silly Season. The three days before the draft are filled with all sorts of hilarity, but this might be my all time favorite dumb rumor. A three team trade in which the Blazers give up LaMarcus to some phantom team and get back Jose Calderon. Um...no. Despite my love for Miami Vice and particularly anything to do with the evil kingpin Calderon (or Jai Alai), the Blazers are not trading a guy that looks like a sane version of Rasheed Wallace for Jose Calderon. They're just not.

I'm still holding strong in the Greg Oden camp. I'm still honking once as they say. Oden is a once in a generation center, Durant is not a once in a generation wing player. He's not because Garnett, Dirk, Kobe, and Agent Zero are all in the league right now, so by definition he can't be a once in a generation player. Oden is the best center in the world right now. I'm tired of talking about this, it's starting to give me a migraine.

Anyway, be careful with the rumor mongering, it can get crazy right now. And as for the monster trade being discussed, why wouldn't the Celtics just cut the Pacers out of the deal and take Odom and Bynum and pair them with Pierce, Jefferson, West, and Rondo? That's basically a poor man's version of the Lakers from last year. It's not a championship team, but at least it's a playoff team and keeps the lynch mob away from Danny Ainge. Bynum would also be a fairly decent center to build around as well. Incidentally, THAT is a reason to draft Oden too, Andrew Bynum is what passes as a decent young center to build around. Oden would wipe the floor with Bynum.

One last thought, I still think the Blazers are going to get another lottery pick somehow. I'm not sure if they like Conley, Green, Brewer, or whoever, but I think they've got a target in mind. I'd prefer Brewer to all of them, but everyone knows that by now.

Update: From Andy Katz over at ESPN, rumor floating around of Jack and Joel to the Bucks for the #6 and Dan Gadzuric (he's still in the league?). Corey Brewer, Corey Brewer, Corey Brewer....


ziggythebeagle said...

Joel for Gadzuric is pretty much straight-up, though Joel is a great defender. Both are basically back up centers.
Jarrett Jack for the #6 pick is pretty darn good. In essence we trade the #3 pick, and #37 pick in the 2005 draft, the #6 pick in 2005 and the #6 pick in 2007. That is not too bad.

As constructed the deal doesn't work because Joel is a base year compensation player. Not sure when that ends, but when it does end then the deal works.

I think the player maybe Jeff Green, as I have in a number of places that Pritchard really likes him.

Anonymous said...

To make a statement that Oden is the best center in the world right now is flat out silly. To say the Durant is not going to be the best wingman in a decade is equally silly. These are kids with great potential, nothing more. Whether they live up to their expectations is anybodys guess. Portland cannot go wrong no matter who they pick, I will leave that up to the people who know what their doing.