Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Big Day

ESPN is reporting the choice has been made and it's Oden (thank God), but the Oregonian is reporting that Pritchard emphatically denies that he's told anyone. This to me is like Vito Corleone saying that "I will not be the one to break the peace we have made here today." Well yeah, technically you weren't, but Michael unleashed the fury. What's the difference? I'm sure the Blazers have told Oden and his people he's the guy, even if Pritchard hasn't himself.

Some other thoughts about rumors around the league:

If the Hawks turn the #3 and #11 picks in the draft into Yi and Luke Ridnour I might seriously injury myself laughing.

If the Sonics turn the #2 and Ridnour into Durant and Law I might be somewhat concerned, however they're going to have loads of trouble finding someone to handle Oden for the next 15 years.

Why does nobody mention the fact that Horford and Noah are both top 10 picks in the most loaded draft in history, and Greg Oden wiped the floor with both of them in the NCAA Title game?

I'm borderline giddy to see what Portland does tonight. I think they'll move back into the first round, potentially twice, Thornton might be an interesting target.

Some late first, early second round types that I think would be useful players off the bench on a contender:

Aaron Afflalo, good all around player, particularly defensively, and a streaky shooter. Kind of a younger, more polished version of Udoka.

Taurean Green, strangely he reminds me of Jarrett Jack as a point guard.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis, now this guy I really like as a bench big man. He's got good skills and obviously is a very big guy. Off the bench, I like what he could give them behind Aldridge and Oden. He's got soft hands and would be a nice pick and pop guy for Sergio.

DJ Strawberry, tough defensive point guard, reminds me of a young Greg Anthony. Despite my hate for his dad (I'm a Dodger fan, we'll discuss this if the Blazers draft him), I think he'd be a great bench player for defensive purposes.

Marco Belinelli, I'm Italian, we could use one of my brothers on the team. Apparently he's a sniper.


Anonymous said...

You and your Italian friends can go fuck yourselves.



Anonymous said...

Here is how the draft is going to go.

Lochi said...

Look at it this way, if they draft Belinelli he could get Tony Parker thrown out of the game by heckling his sister.