Monday, June 11, 2007

Something To Chew On

I’m not saying that I think this will happen.

But remember last year’s NBA Finals?  A dominating, heavily favored Western Conference team led by a versatile big man and a speedy guard easily wins the first two games and there is much talk of a sweep.  

Then the other team’s single dominant player takes over for four straight games and “wills” (read: gets ridiculous preferential treatment by the refs) his team to a championship.  

Cleveland isn’t quite as talented as Miami was last year — at least Wade got “some” support — but the similarities are striking.


Anonymous said...

I doubt it. I think its been proven the Mavericks are pretty soft, and one pop in the chin and they're out.

The Spurs aren't like that at all. They're about as rock solid as any NBA team in the last 20 years. You can't get them down or make them question themselves or doubt their abilities. Even if the Cavs land a lucky punch, the Spurs will just keep playing.

Plus, Pat Riley v. Avery Johnson is a little different that Mike Brown v. Pop


The Spurs play defense. They may be dirty, but they get the "D" job done. That's one of the main differences.