Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Whatever Happened to David Aldridge?

He used to be one of my favorite NBA writers; for a while there he was approaching “The Peter Gammons of Hoops” during his last few years with ESPN.  But since they canned him, he’s been relegated to sideline reporting duty for TNT and Peter Vesey-esque rumor columns for the Philadelphi Inquirer.  

I submit for you his latest proposal:

The trade: Bryant, center Andrew Bynum ($2.17 million) and the Lakers' 2007 first-round pick to the Blazers for forward Zach Randolph ($13.3 million), guard Martell Webster ($2.97 million), guard Fred Jones ($3.3 million), guard Sergio Rodriguez ($980,400), the Trail Blazers' 2007 first-round pick (first overall), and two of Portland's 2007 second-round picks (37th and 42d overall).

David, David, David...how about you stop talking for a while there champ?  Not a chance in hell that Portland A. trades the #1 pick, or B. acquires a star player at the same position as Brandon Roy.  It’s disappointing to see what’s happened to Aldridge because he used to be a great read.

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