Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Notes From Around the League

Joe Dumars says that the Pistons are going to re-shape their roster.  I think you can assume that Chauncey Billups will be back, but don’t count on both Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton returning.  It’s going to to be tough for them to trade Rasheed; and frankly they probably shouldn’t.  But one of those two wing men will probably be moved and don’t be too surprised if they go after someone a little more multi-dimensional.  Hamilton is quick and he can shoot a little, but is a terrible half-court defender, and Prince can easily be posted up for a small forward.  

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly making a play for Shawn Marion.  This upsets me, because I want Portland to acquire Marion.  But all things considered this doesn’t make a ton of sense.  The reason that Phoenix wants to trade Marion in the first place is because they want to get under, or at least closer to, the luxury tax line; so they’ll need to deal Marion to a team that is under the cap and can send back less than they receive.  Charlotte, Atlanta, and Orlando I believe are the only teams who fit into this category.  This is also why I’m not buying the “Marion to Boston” or “Marion to Detroit” rumors either.

The Cleveland Cavaliers want to be like Portland.  The Cavs’ owner has reportedly approved the team spending as much as $3 million to purchase an additional draft pick; similar to Portland purchasing Phoenix’s late-first-round pick last season.  As incredible a job as Phoenix has done putting together their team over the past few years, that move was one of their more foolish maneuvers.  They traded the pick to Portland so they could free up cap money to sign Marcus Banks, a backup point guard.  So Portland promptly uses the pick to select Sergio Rodriguez, who would have been perfect for Phoenix.  Now Phoenix is stuck with a bad contract in Banks, still doesn’t have a good backup point guard (Barbosa is more of a “2”), and may have to get ride of Marion to save money because of it.  But, going back to the Cavs thing, don’t be surprised if Portland ends up selling a second round pick to the Cavaliers.  Seems to be a perfect fit.  The Blazers don’t need to use all four of those picks, and I think the ideal situation would be using one to select a sharpshooter or a player to stash in Europe and either trading or selling the other three.  Portland doesn’t need to bring any more than 2 rookies onto the roster next year.  

The Nets think they’ll be able to keep Vince Carter.  Because hey, why break up a team that has no future when you’ve got a marketable asset to use that could bring you the size that you so badly need?  

And finally, confession time.  I haven’t watched more than two or three quarters of these NBA Finals, which is why you haven’t heard anything on the subject and which also sets a new personal-record for “NBA Finals Apathy”.  And I don’t expect to catch a single minute of tonight’s game either due to a personal obligation.  Am I the only one here, or is everyone this disinterested in the series?  The only way that this could get compelling is if LeBron pulls some of the same shenanigans he pulled in the last series and wills his team to a couple of wins.  But unless the series gets to game six, I’m afraid the NBA is essentially over for the year as far as I’m concerned.  

And you know what, this isn’t even the Spurs’ fault.  They’re a great team who play hard, lock-down on defense, and even have a few good playmakers.  The Spurs are fine.  It’s the Eastern Conference that I have a problem with.  It’s such a shitty, repugnant league, that I can’t imagine the NBA finals will be any good for at least another 3 years.  The East deserves to get swept; it’s the JV of the NBA.  As soon as the East can start rolling out some teams worth of their Western Finals foes, then I’ll tune back in.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this makes me a bad person, but I'm loving the Finals because I enjoy seeing James knocked back down to Earth. All this annointing and Witnessing and throwing the rosin into the air and striking a pose that mirrors the religiousity/savior/Chosen One garbage in all the ads. Its sickening.

Read stuff like this:

Then imagine the neverending hype and hyperbole if he actually won something.

For my sanity, its critical LeBron James and the Cavs are crushed.



I think Cleveland needs more veterans rather than draft picks. They have no toughness.

Anonymous said...

ahh, the Suns worst move was trading the pick that netted Luol Deng for Jackson Vroman and money.