Tuesday, September 19, 2006


2 weeks to go until training camp opens, I'm sure the Moderator of this board and myself will have a full breakdown for everyone position by position next week, but there are some non-basketball related issues that need to be made perfectly clear.

Yes, I left the game early on Saturday. I threw a tantrum, left the game with about 4 minutes to go, and ended up watching the last minute and a half at Rennies with about 100 other morons who also left early. What's worse is that I have a long history of this sort of thing. There were at least (at least!!!) three Bronco games my dad and I left early only to listen to Elway lead the comeback on the radio in the car. I suppose it's hereditary.

All that being said, and yes maybe you can't spell pout without OU, but the officials did not lose that game for Oklahoma. They didn't cover Paysinger on the pass, they didn't get a field goal blocked, they didn't allow 21 plays of 10 yards or more in the game. Not to be snide, well, maybe a little snide, but scoreboard. Deal with it.

I still can't quantify what happened with my Dodgers last night.

Jake Plummer can rot in hell.

That is all, season preview will be coming in the next few weeks. Until then, I'm off to Bandon for some golf and a lot of booze.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Quick Hits & Gambling Note For The Week

Couple of things I'd like to pontificate about.

1. Team USA

I'm sad they didn't win the gold medal, and I do truly believe they underachieved, blah blah blah. You've heard all that before. But I would like to add something: I'm impressed that they were able to rebound and win the bronze. They played a real tough team in Argentina, and clearly looked like the better squad. You know that every single member of that team really wanted gold, and were extremely disappointed to even be playing in the bronze medal game. But they sacked up and won. Although I'm disappointed that they weren't able to do the entire job, I'm happy that they finished on a positive note and created something to build on for the olympics in two years.

2. Gary Payton

The Heat resigned Gary Payton, in one of the more foolish offseason moves of the summer. He was garbage all season and then hit a few clutch playoff shots (well, only two that I can remember). Not to mention the guy is a bit of an ass. Silly signing.

3. Reggie Evans

Did you see that the Nuggets are giving him a five-year deal at the full midlevel exception? Um, wha wha whaaaat? They do know that this guy is only good for a few rebounds a game and that's it, right? Reggie Evans is the basketball equivalent to Neifi Perez. He does one thing really well, rebounnd (in neifi's case: play defense), but everything else you could possibly think of on the basketball court -- scoring, ballhandling, free throws, shooting, run the break, post up, etc -- (in neife's case "hitting", "baserunning") he's terrible at. Evans is a nice role player to sign for a couple years at a couple of million. Let's call him a "couple-couple" player. But 5 years at the full mid level ... not so much.

4. Gambling Note Of the Week:

You should bet on the following teams. (And so you have a frame of reference, i did go 5-2 last weekend)
-Oregon -4 vs Oklahoma
-Fresno -3.5 @ UW (that game will be ugly)
-Rams -3 @ San Francisco
-Seahawks -7 vs Arizona
Saints -2.5 @ Green Bay

That is all for now.

Interview with Kevin Pritchard

As you may or may not know, Kevin Pritchard did an online interview with Brian Wheeler on Monday. As expected, we didn’t really learn a whole lot of new information, but there were a few tasty nuggets. Snyopsis below.

1. Sergio Rodriguez: He’s in Portland, training at the Blazers’ facility. The type of guy who literally sleeps at the gym, and he might already be the quickest players on Portland’s roster. He’s very good at using his speed and changing directions. The problems that Pritchard anticipates Rodriguez having are in regard to size and strength (take a number), especially against some of the West’s bigger, more physical point guards like Baron Davis. He’s got a little bit of cockyness and is excited to play in the NBA.

2. Overall, Pritchard feels good about the PG position.

3. They’ve had a lot more guys in town early this year, which is something that Nate and the entire coaching staff has tried to instill and include as a part of changing the culture.

4. Joel Pryzbilla: When the team first traded for Jamaal Magloire, he initially wondered why the team would want to do that after they just extended his contract. Pritchard wrote him a long letter and had a long conversation with him to make it clear that he’s their guy. The bottom line is that they want competition at every position – especially after winning 21 games last year – and they want all their players to be challenged.

5. After losing so much last year, the team wanted to upgrade their talent. They feel that with the draft, trading for Magloire, etc, they’ve done that, and they want to provide Nate with players that fit his style.

6. Brandon Roy: will he play the point guard position as we’ve heard? Especially with Sergio looking so good? They don’t know yet. They’ll figure that out at camp and through the first part of the season. He’ll get a chance to play that position and they’ll see how successful he is.

7. LaMarcus’ Aldridge’s biggest goal right now is to improve his lower body strength.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Grey Poupon

The Blazers have very few options at the small forward position so they bring in Dijon Thompson for a 3 day try out. Let's hope that's all it is. That dude wasn't even good against the Ducks, let alone NBA competition.

Official Blazers Blog moratorium on "ways to fix Team USA". Enough already people.

Oregon State Beavers, now THAT was funny. Maybe they should line up in the punt formation every time, looked like their most effective play to me.

Weekend football predictions as we await the start of training camp:
Ducks cover the 4.5
Penn State +7.5
Virginia -9

Friday, September 01, 2006

Down Goes Tyson

I admit it, I was wrong. It won't be the last time. Team USA threw up all over themselves and were soundly beaten by Greece early this morning. They trailed from late in the second quarter right through to the bitter end, and the US has failed to win a World Basketball Championship since 1994. I have the game on tivo and I'll have a more detailed report coming soon but some thoughts after reading the reports.

It appears that their strong defense that led them through the tournament collapsed on itself. Sheridan was right, they couldn't handle quality pick and roll and back picks any more than they've been able to in the past. Greece buried them in an avalanche of jumpers, and their star guard ended up with 12 assists coming off the same pick and roll all night. Good thing Bruce Bowen wasn't on the team to shut the guy down, oh but Shane Battier the Duke Blue Devil was, outstanding.

On the flip side, it sounds like Carmelo's 27 wasn't enough to carry the offense this time. They clanked away from the outside for the second straight game but this time couldn't force enough turnovers to go on their big run. Another Team USA staple in recent history.

Overall, very depressing. What more can I say? The next great Team USA debacle will take place in 3 weeks at the K Club in Dublin, Ireland at the Ryder Cup. Look, I'm a pretty good golfer and follow the PGA Tour more than most people on this planet, but Brett Wetterich could walk in to my office this morning and I'd have no clue who he was. US Ryder Cup member. Terrific.

However, contrary to popular belief, life is good in the land of Lochi. The Ducks open up with Stanford tomorrow, time to put some foot to ass on the smart kids. My beloved Dodgers are holding a 3 game lead on September 1st and my new quarterback savior for my Denver Broncos went 13 for 19 with 2 TD's in his last pre-season game. All is not lost, even though the United States has failed yet again to reclaim their rightful throne to the basketball world. Oh well, Go Ducks.