Friday, September 01, 2006

Down Goes Tyson

I admit it, I was wrong. It won't be the last time. Team USA threw up all over themselves and were soundly beaten by Greece early this morning. They trailed from late in the second quarter right through to the bitter end, and the US has failed to win a World Basketball Championship since 1994. I have the game on tivo and I'll have a more detailed report coming soon but some thoughts after reading the reports.

It appears that their strong defense that led them through the tournament collapsed on itself. Sheridan was right, they couldn't handle quality pick and roll and back picks any more than they've been able to in the past. Greece buried them in an avalanche of jumpers, and their star guard ended up with 12 assists coming off the same pick and roll all night. Good thing Bruce Bowen wasn't on the team to shut the guy down, oh but Shane Battier the Duke Blue Devil was, outstanding.

On the flip side, it sounds like Carmelo's 27 wasn't enough to carry the offense this time. They clanked away from the outside for the second straight game but this time couldn't force enough turnovers to go on their big run. Another Team USA staple in recent history.

Overall, very depressing. What more can I say? The next great Team USA debacle will take place in 3 weeks at the K Club in Dublin, Ireland at the Ryder Cup. Look, I'm a pretty good golfer and follow the PGA Tour more than most people on this planet, but Brett Wetterich could walk in to my office this morning and I'd have no clue who he was. US Ryder Cup member. Terrific.

However, contrary to popular belief, life is good in the land of Lochi. The Ducks open up with Stanford tomorrow, time to put some foot to ass on the smart kids. My beloved Dodgers are holding a 3 game lead on September 1st and my new quarterback savior for my Denver Broncos went 13 for 19 with 2 TD's in his last pre-season game. All is not lost, even though the United States has failed yet again to reclaim their rightful throne to the basketball world. Oh well, Go Ducks.

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