Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Quick Hits & Gambling Note For The Week

Couple of things I'd like to pontificate about.

1. Team USA

I'm sad they didn't win the gold medal, and I do truly believe they underachieved, blah blah blah. You've heard all that before. But I would like to add something: I'm impressed that they were able to rebound and win the bronze. They played a real tough team in Argentina, and clearly looked like the better squad. You know that every single member of that team really wanted gold, and were extremely disappointed to even be playing in the bronze medal game. But they sacked up and won. Although I'm disappointed that they weren't able to do the entire job, I'm happy that they finished on a positive note and created something to build on for the olympics in two years.

2. Gary Payton

The Heat resigned Gary Payton, in one of the more foolish offseason moves of the summer. He was garbage all season and then hit a few clutch playoff shots (well, only two that I can remember). Not to mention the guy is a bit of an ass. Silly signing.

3. Reggie Evans

Did you see that the Nuggets are giving him a five-year deal at the full midlevel exception? Um, wha wha whaaaat? They do know that this guy is only good for a few rebounds a game and that's it, right? Reggie Evans is the basketball equivalent to Neifi Perez. He does one thing really well, rebounnd (in neifi's case: play defense), but everything else you could possibly think of on the basketball court -- scoring, ballhandling, free throws, shooting, run the break, post up, etc -- (in neife's case "hitting", "baserunning") he's terrible at. Evans is a nice role player to sign for a couple years at a couple of million. Let's call him a "couple-couple" player. But 5 years at the full mid level ... not so much.

4. Gambling Note Of the Week:

You should bet on the following teams. (And so you have a frame of reference, i did go 5-2 last weekend)
-Oregon -4 vs Oklahoma
-Fresno -3.5 @ UW (that game will be ugly)
-Rams -3 @ San Francisco
-Seahawks -7 vs Arizona
Saints -2.5 @ Green Bay

That is all for now.

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