Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recap of 6/27 Jason Quick Chat

Quick spoke to again today; below are the main points.  Anything you see in parentheses is me talking.  Quick said...

  1. The Blazers are up to “big things” today.  They assembled and talked about the #1 pick, and Pritchard feels good about where there at and know who they’re going to go with.  But there are other items brewing. Quick thinks Portland will get another first round pick, probably in the 17 – 24 range.  But there is also something bigger brewing (Note from Moderator: Zbo trade?).
  2. How many of their four second round picks will they actually use?  Quick thinks one.
  3. Kevin Durant thinks that Greg Oden will be the #1 pick.  (This is a huge indicator to me.  If the Blazers were legitimately consider him, he’d know it.)
  4. Jason Quick is the most un-confident that he’s ever been since Portland won the lottery that they will take Oden.  There’s just something he sees in Pritchard to indicate this.  
  5. Quick’s colleagues are kidding him, asking him in his writings why he’s acting like its a debate during Oden-Durant, because “everyone knows it’ll be Oden”.  But Quick is not not so sure about that now.  “Pritchard really worries me with the way he’s carrying himself.”
  6. He thinks that Pritchard would take an incredible amount of heat if he takes Durant.  But he’s not here to please a fan base, he’s here to win a championship.  Pritchard has long talked about an up-tempo style of play, and Durant is the perfect player for that kind of team.
  7. Quick says with all certainty that Nate McMillan is an Oden guy.
  8. Players that may be on Portland’s radar for a late-first, early-second round pick: Bellini, Saboutas, Daequan Cook.
  9. “I think Jarrett definitely (has a chance of getting traded).”
  10. Quick will have an article in Friday’s paper that talks about what/some of the offers that Portland has gotten for this pick, and what the organization has gone through in making this pick.  

And, of course, your faithful authors will be live-blogging the draft tomorrow.  

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