Thursday, June 28, 2007

1:08 pm Update

Andy Katz is on ESPNews, (ESPN News?  espnNews?  ESPNEWS?  How exactly is this handled?), and here are his "updates":
  • Atlanta is leaning towards Horford rather than Yi.
  • Memphis is going with Conley, Jr at 4 - even if Atlanta selects Yi and Horford is on the board.
  • Boston is considering Jeff Green along with Brewer and Yi at #5.
  • If Yi is available at #6, Milwaukee has made the decision that they will take him, regardless of his "exclusive list of cities"; even going so far as to clear it with the NBA to make sure they'd have the league's support if Yi tried to pull some shenanigans.
  • Kevin McHale has spoken with the Chinese officials today regarding Yi.
Frankly, we're basically hearing the same things over and over.  Is it 4:00 yet?

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