Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rumor Rundown: 2007 Offseason, Edition I

We’re introducing a new “feature” today called Rumor Rundown.  This includes a rundown of any non-Blazer NBA rumors floating around out there.

RUMOR: The Kings are going to trade Ron Artest and Mike Bibby this offseason.
RUNDOWN: I agree that the Kings need to blow up their team, but I only see them moving Artest.  Bibby could go at the upcoming season’s trade deadline, but as for this coming season, you’ve got to remove Artest from the offense and see what Bibby and Kevin Martin can do together.  

RUMOR: The Pistons will trade Rasheed Wallace.
RUNDOWN: Whatever happens with Rasheed, I don’t expect it to shake down until after the Chuancey Billups situation is resolved.  Frankly, Chauncey is more important to that team, and until Detroit knows whether he’s coming back, or what/if anything they’re getting in return for a sign-and-trade, that will dictate what happens with Rasheed.  I expect Chauncey to re-sign with Detroit, and then the Pistons will look at what they can get for Rasheed.  

RUMOR: The Kings want Stan Van Gundy as their coach.
RUNDOWN: It’s true, but Van Gundy wants to stay in the Eastern Conference and is waiting to see what happens with the Orlando Magic.  Don’t be surprised if the Kings get fed up with waiting around for him and move in a different direction.

RUMOR: The Lakers want Marcus Camby from Denver.
RUNDOWN: While the rumor is true, there’s nothing to the trade potential.  Any contract that LA could add to Andrew Bynum to get Camby wouldn’t help Denver because they want to get under the luxury-tax level.  Pay more attention to the Lakers-Pacers Jermaine O’Neal trade.  And I’ve got to tell you, if the Lakers are willing to give up both Odom and Bynum for O’Neal, I’m jumping on that.

And as a side-note, I’d say to the Nuggets: why mess around with this Camby idea?  The team was scorching hot at the end of the season once Iverson and Anthony were finally both healthy, both playing and acclimated to each other (16-5 to finish the year, and gave the Spurs a nice challenge in the playoffs).  I’d like to see what these guys can do with a full season together.

RUMOR: The Hawks have given Mike Conley Jr a guarantee at #3, like they did with Sheldon Williams at #5 last year.
RUNDOWN: Not true.  Everything I’m reading says they’re leaning towards Brendan Wright.

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