Thursday, June 28, 2007

Humor From Last Year's Live Blog

A few funny notes from last year's live blog that we thought you might enjoy.  Some of these are funny, others are simply dead wrong, but they're entertaining.  For your own enjoyment:
Lochi, regarding Andrea Bargnani: "Look, I'm Italian, that's the least Italian looking Italian guy I've ever seen. He looks a lot more like a guy playing for the U of Utah than an Italian. He also can barely dunk, shoots set shots from the outside, and is tall. They just drafted the Euro Sam Perkins first overall. Congrats.
Lochi, regarding Sheldon Williams: "Hilarious. He obviously gives them...honestly, I have no idea what he gives them."
Moderator, regarding Sheldon Williams: "I would understand this pick ... if Atlanta was selecting at #12. It's a reach. He's essentially a poor-man's Elton Brand, which makes him Corliss Williamson."
Lochi, regarding Brandon Roy: "He's a Husky, I hate him, never thought he was that good in the first place."
Moderator, regarding Brandon Roy: "And even better, this means that Rudy Gay falls to Portland. I am happy about this. If you'd have told me 2 months ago that Portland would come away from this draft with LaMarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay, I'd have taken lewd pictures of your girlfriend and posted them on the internet. Good stuff."
Lochi, regarding Golden State's selection of Patrick O'Bryant: "Now THIS is funny. I would openly like to offer double or nothing to our fearless moderator on his Warriors are a playoff team wager."
Moderator, regarding Golden State's selection of Patrick O'Bryant: "As for the Warriors, they are not going to make the playoffs next year, despite with Lochi says. I think they're about 13 months away from blowing the whole thing up again."
Moderator, regarding JJ Reddick: "nice pick, will be a good player, will have a long career, can do one thing very well which 90% of the NBA cannot do (shoot the lights out). Can't fault anyone for taking him in the 10+ range."
Moderator, regarding Renaldo Balkman: "Uh ... what? Mistake number 4,325 by Isiah Thomas and the New York Knick front office. This dude averaged 9 points per game in the freaking MAC conference. I'm not much for quoting Jay Bilas, but I'll amend that rule in this special circumstance: "I'm stunned. This guy is a second round pick at best. There is not another team who would have taken him in the first round."
Lochi, regarding Balkman: "Lochi: Ahhhh, Isiah, thanks buddy, that made me laugh. Gotta like Spike going "...sleeper?" Seriously, does this guy play striker for Brazil? They should have just taken Ronaldhino."
Lochi, regarding Portland's 2006 draft: "Seriously, what the hell are they doing? I'm going to take some time to think about all this bullshit and post something tomorrow that at least has a theory as to what the hell happend tonight."
(Editor's note: that last clip was following several beers and several head-spinning hours of live blogging the NBA draft.  He eventually came around.)

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Lochi said...

And to be fair, the next morning when sanity had prevailed, I did notice that they got Roy and Aldridge for essentially Ratliff, Telfair, Tim Thomas, and Viktor Kryappa and endorsed the moves.