Thursday, June 28, 2007

Done Deal, And I Hate It

Zbo, Dan Dickau, and Fred Jones to the Knicks for Channing Frye and Steve Francis. It's a horrible trade, and there are a million things wrong with it -- but I'm only going to list five of them here.
  • How do you trade Zbo and not get a starting SF in return? How are you going to get our starting SF now?
  • Steve Francis is awful. He's got a terrible attitude, he's a shoot-first point guard who will take the ball away from Roy, Aldridge and Oden, and goes against everything that Portland is trying to build.
  • If Portland is indeed going to buy out Francis' deal, then they traded one of the league's best low post scorers for a backup power forward. Wonderful.
  • Channing Frye = a poor man's LaMarcus Aldridge. That's worth giving up Zbo?
  • Anyone who says that Frye will start at the "3" is insane.

Clearly I'm not happy about this deal at all, and more investigation needs to be done. Stay tuned and we'll try to figure all of this out. In case you're wondering, here's our new depth chart:

PG: Francis, Jack, Spanish Chocolate

SG: Roy,

SF: Udoka, Webster

PF: Aldridge, Frye

C: Oden, Pryzbilla

It's not that I have a huge problem with that depth chart as it is; I just feel like Portland missed a HUGE opportunity to make it a lot better. They still don't have a quality starting SF; they don't have a good backup for Roy; and they're likely to release Francis with nothing in return.

In other news, it appears that Portland has purchased Phoenix's #24 pick and is having then select Rudy Fernandez; a 6-5 shooting guard. He's got a $1 million buyout in his contract with his Spanish team (which Portland can't pay), so he isn't likely to be here until the '08-'09 season. So it's nothing to worry about yet or get excited about to quell the disappointment of this terrible Zbo trade.


Anonymous said...

Addition by Subtraction-
While I may agree with some of your points concerning the trade, I respectfully disagree with your assessment as well as the ridiculous decison to pre-empt your live blog of the first round because of the said trade.
Several points to consider in the game of basketball:
1. Just because a guy is a good player does not mean he is good for the team. Randolph needed to go.
2. Adding Oden and subtracting Zach is a HUGE plus no matter what the price.
3. Pritchard is brilliant. He is NOT planning for a championship run next year. He is planning for a run in 2 to 3 years. Can you say "Free Agent at the 3"?

Quit whining and start blogging.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?? This draft wasn't about the Dickau, Jones, Frye, and Francis. They were just pawns in the game of chess. The Blazers have Oden and got rid of Randolph. End of discussion. They are preparing for a championship in 2 years. The rest of the draft is irrelevant. They have their check mate.