Monday, June 11, 2007

One Update

Gilbert Arenas’ announcement this past weekend has sent the Washington Bullets into a tizzy, and there is now speculation that they will look to make serious, aggressive measures to immediately upgrade the club and ensure that Arenas re-signs with them next summer.  

And part of that speculation includes the tidbit that they would now be more likely to pull the trigger on an Antawn Jamison-and-a-first-round-pick for Zach Randolph-and-two-second-round-picks trade.  

Just something to file away...

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ziggythebeagle said...

This is a very interesting deal. I think KP is looking to make a move into the playoffs next year hoping to win round one. Jamison is the kind of player would could help us do that. He is a vet, and can play big time, is a solid rebounder, but definitely has range on his jumper. this also allows us great cap speace flexibility when it comes time to re-up some of our young talent.