Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oden Arrives

Today's the big day, Greg Oden arrives in Portland. I guess Aldridge and Roy are going to be leading his recruiting visit, dinner tonight with the workout tomorrow. Kevin Durant arrives after that for essentially the same tour and treatment. Pritchard is going with the poker face, which seems odd since he has the #1 pick and it really doesn't matter. Who knows, maybe he really does like Durant more than Oden, but I still think there's no way they pass on the big fella on draft night next week.

Rumor of the day: that same Chicago rumor keeps popping up. According to Chad Ford, the Hawks are going to pick Horford because they are the Hawks, and there is no known cure. It's not that I don't like Horford, but come on, another forward? Anyway, this scenario could potentially cause Conley to fall to the Bulls at 9, which could certainly open the door for a Blazers trade. I'm still not big on Conley, but I keep seeing this rumor in spots.

Another rumor floating around with Northwest ties but not for the Blazers, the Wolves may have their sights set on Spencer Hawes...I'm glad they're in our division. Kevin McHale says he sees a lot of himself in Hawes, apparently he sees him as another horrific GM in 20 years. I actually feel bad for KG at this point. That big vein in his head might finally pop if they draft Hawes with that #7 pick.

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