Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trade Winds A'Blowin

Screw the intro paragraph, let’s get right to it.

1. Pau Gasol  

If you’re the Bulls, would you give two of the Deng/Gordon/Heinrich/Nocioni foursome to get Gasol?

I sure as hell do.  Supposedly the hang-up is that Chicago will only give one of them away.  Personally, I don’t see why The Grizz aren’t demanding Ty Thomas.  I’d want Thomas and Deng and the rest could be cap filler.  Add Gasol’s low-post scoring to Ben Wallace’s defense, Nocioni’s scoring, and Heinrich and Gordon, and you’ve got the best team in the East.  I do predict that Gasol gets dealt today or tomorrow, though it may not end up being Chicago.

2. Jason Kidd

Don’t see him getting dealt.  The Lakers offering what essentially amounts to Jordan Farmar and a bunch of crap doesn’t get New Jersey anywhere.  Kidd would be a perfect addition to the Cavs, but I played around with the trade machine and couldn’t find anything that made sense for New Jersey.  

3. Cory Maggette

Another guy I don’t see getting moved.  He’s got too much talent and (ironically) has too much of an economical deal to make a trade worth it.  I’ve heard some rumors about Jazz throwing a couple of young players and some cap filler LA’s way, but that doesn’t make enough sense either.  I’d love to see him in Portland by the way; a shooting small forward who plays defense and is signed reasonably?  Where do I sign up for that.

4. Jamaal Magloire

Yes, I believe Portland will move him.  Despite what we’ve heard coming out of the front office (gasp! The Blazer front office not being forthcoming?  Shocking), I have it on very good authority that Patterson and Pritchard fully intend on trading Maglorie but are holding out for either a first-round pick, or a young asset that comes along with an expiring deal.  

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