Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spreadpredictor: Game 2

Your fearless Moderator correctly predicted Portland’s big win last night, while the other guy — the one who gives you his name, which he is no doubt regretting due to the fact that writing this blog creates a papparazi frenzy outside your home — didn’t do so well.  It’s 1-0 Moderator, and folks get used to that.  

Tonight’s game pits Portland against the hated Lakers; a next-day road game after home game against a team who had the previous night off, the classic gambling trap.  Vegas realizes this, and the line is Portland +10.  The caveat here is that there’s a slight chance LA pulls off a Jason Kidd trade today and ships out 4 players; if that’s the case then all bets are off.

Tonight’s game: Portland @ LAL
Spread: Portland +10

Moderator (1-0): “Tough call, but I think the Lakers will cover this — assuming they’ve got their full roster.  They’re just a better team and I don’t like Portland playing this game on the road after a real tough win last night.”

Lochi (0-1): “Blazers.  Really liked the way they played last night, Lakers have lost 5 in a row and one of their better players hurt his shoulder auditioning for a role in Blades of Glory.“

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