Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A New Little Game: Spreadpredictor

As you may or may not know, we here at Blazersblog enjoy our fair share of gambling.  One of us has even been known to refer to a craps table as “The ATM”.  And with our beloved Fire-Starters not looking likely to make the playoffs, or make a solid run at them, we’re starting something new here for this first game of the preseason: your two authors will be predicting Blazer games against the spread, monitoring the progress, and tracking each one’s performance.  You’ll get a sentence or two of explanation as well.  NOTE: these predictions are made independently, hence there may some comment overlap.

Tonight’s game: Utah @ Portland
Spread: Portland –1

Moderator (0-0): “Tough call, but I like Portland for a couple of reasons.   They’re playing at home and Zbo will be on a mission to prove he deserved the All-Star nod over Mehmet Okur.”
Lochi (0-0): Utah.  “Portland giving points to a team that’s 35-17 is just a blatant error by the oddsmakers.  I would have to forgo my long standing rule of never wagering against your own team if I was in the state of Nevada today. “

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