Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Magloire: Who Needs a Big Man?

Big man for sale! Big man for sale! Expiring-contract-big-man for sale!

Why on earth would any team want Jamaal Magloire? He’s expensive, and he kind of sucks.

Okay he just sucks.

I’ll tell you why: because he’s a large human being. Granted, when your only discernable skill is your physical stature, that’s not necessarily the most flattering compliment. However in the world of athletics, its frequently enough to make you very wealthy. Anyhow, there are four teams I see who are:
-Likely playoff teams
-In need of a big man

Given that a team acquiring Magloire makes no promises of his existence on their team past these next 30 games + playoffs, I disagree with Mr. Sheridan that it will be difficult to trade Magloire. Those four teams: New Jersey, Toronto, San Antonio and Washington. Let’s go team-by-team:

New Jersey
Why they need Magloire: they lost their starting center for the season, and their depth chart at the position currently reads: Mikki Moore, Jason Collins, Mile Illic. More like Ill-ouch! Thank you, thank you , be here all week.
Trades that work under the CBA: Juan Dixon, a draft pick, and Jamaal Magloire for Richard Jefferson. (I’m just saying.)

Why they need Magloire: I covered this my last post. They have no backup C to speak of.
Trades that work under the CBA: Magloire for Morris Petersen & Kris Humphries. Magloire and Juan Dixon for Morris Petersen, Kris Humphries, Freddy Jones, and either PJ Tucker or Pape Sow.

San Antonio
Why they need Magloire: Their backup PF and top two C’s are: Robert Horry, Fabricio Oberto, Francisco Elson. They are rumored to be acquiring Melvin Ely in today which may help them here.
Trades that work under the CBA: Brent Barry and Matt Bonner for Magloire. Brent Barry and Fabricio Oberto for Magloire. Brent Barry and Jackie Butler for Magloire.

Why they need Magloire: They’ve got a shot at a top-4 seed, and their backup PF is Darius Songaila. Their two centers – Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas – get in fights about, oh, five times per year, and they’re both on par with Magloire talent-wise.
Trades that work under the CBA: Unfortunately, both Thomas and Haywood have four years remaining on their contracts, so Portland wouldn’t want either of them. Hence, it would need to be a three-way: Magloire to Washington, Etan Thomas and Michael Ruffin to Toronto, Morris Petersen and Kris Humphries to Portland.

There’s a few ideas to chew on for now. If you come up with any good ones, email them to us at and we’ll post them here.

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