Thursday, February 01, 2007


I think this goes into the category of two steps forward and one step back. The Blazers got a huge win last night over their nemesis, the Denver Nuggets. It's their 4th win in a row at home and 6th of 9 overall, bringing their record up to 20-27. To put that into perspective, they went 21-61 last season, so unless they are planning on going 1-34 to close out the year, it's certainly been a year of progress for the first time in a while. However, as it seems to be the norm with this team, there's always a down side, Sergio Rodriguez badly sprained an ankle last night, leaving the building on crutches and telling teammates that "it's bad", presumably through an interpreter.

The game was highlighted by Brandon Roy doing his Brandon Roy thing, 25 points, 8 assists, 6 boards, and further cementing his status as the clear rookie of the year and savior. Zach had a monster, even by his standards, 26 points, 17 boards. Jack was his usual solid self as well and even hit the dagger 3 pointer off an assist by Roy that iced the game. I still think Sergio is the future of the point guard spot in Portland, but this just shows the value they could get in trade for Jarrett Jack.

Sergio will probably miss quite a while, those ankle sprains can be fairly nasty, for lack of a better phrase, this bums me out. I'm going to the game against the Suns on Tuesday and was all kinds of excited to see Sergio and Nash run up and down the floor with each other. There won't be any pre-game Blazer Blog beer sessions this time however, this is a corporate box outing with clients, I'm not sure exactly who this money goes to in the arena power struggle but I'm sure Canzano can write a column about how much it sucks for someone.

One last non-Blazer related note, #9 Ducks...#5 Bruins...Pauley Pavilion...I'm already in the fetal position.

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