Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sub Zero

Nice payback there Gilbert. Agent Zero went a sizzling 3 for 15 from the floor, 0 for 8 from downtown, and scored only 9 points as his Bullets took a pretty solid ass kicking at the hands of our boys this morning out in DC. The Blazers win puts them 2-0 on this roadie leading up to the all star break, and also gives them 22 wins on the season, 1 better than last year with 30 games to play.

The Marcus had 18 and 10, Jarrett Jack and Ime Udoka hassled Arenas all day, or so it sounds like. I should apologize to Blazer management (first time for everything I guess), it was ABC's broadcasting rights for the NBA that prohibited the game from being on today.

This week should be entertaining, the long awaited Blazers Blog Glossary of Terms will be rolled out, as will a look at the impending trade deadline and what the Blazers could/should do.

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