Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February PER Update

Seeing as how we're going to attempt to move past these last two games as quickly as possible, the monthly PER Report, with February now officially in the books. As always, 15 is the league average, and in alphabetical order:

LaMarcus Aldridge: 14.54. Slipped a bit as the season has gone on but it's obvious to everyone that he's the best center on the team. His jumper looks stunningly like Sheed's, and it's not that hard to see their comparisons in overall style of play, except The Marcus isn't a raving lunatic.

Dan Dickau: 10.08. The fact that I even have to discuss him is Nate's fault. When Sergio was on the shelf then Dickau had to play, now that Sergio is healthy Dickau should be warming the end of the bench. He stinks, but he's not been a complete disaster at times. How's that for a review of his play?

Jarrett Jack: 15.55. I go back and forth on Jarrett all the time. Sometimes I think he's the future, sometimes I think he's great trade bait when Sergio is fully ready to play 35 a night. Jarrett is a solid NBA point guard though, that much is clear.

Freddie Jones and Raef LaFrentz: Incomplete.

The All Star: 11.05. Clearly he's been better since his early season numbers, hovering around the 5 range. He still sucks, but he's necessary now with Joel's injury.

Travis Outlaw: 14.90. He also qualifies as an enigma for me. Sometimes I think he's great, sometimes I think he's terrible. That's pretty much how he plays. I think he's the most likely to be dealt this off season in some sort of package for a real starting SF.

Joel: Mercifully this season might be over for him. I like Joel, I won't bother ripping a guy who's had a lost season due to various injuries.

Z-bo: 22.72. It's been dropping a bit as the season has worn on, but I could make a case that he's getting better. He's taking fewer shots and being more effective. It does appear that he's wearing down a bit, his style has a tendency to do that over 80 games of bludgeoning people in the key.

Sergio: 16.42. Now that he's healthy, he has to play 20 minutes a night minimum to see what exactly we have going into the off season plans.

Brandon Roy: 17.49. I suppose we could talk about the comedy aspect that he's now referred to almost exclusively by his full name, they should just put "Brandonroy" on his jersey. The one budding superstar in the league that doesn't have a silly nickname. What else can we talk about? He's awesome, he's been awesome, we all know this.

Ime Udoka: 12.11. Solid player, would be a GREAT 15-20 minute energy guy at the 3 behind a really good starter (like Rashard Lewis). Good story, should be a Blazer for at least the next 3-5 years. Just don't get crazy with that contract extension down there guys.

Martell Webster: 9.88. Alright, I have to say it because nobody else will...he stinks. He's the worst on the roster, not including Joel and LaFrentz who have been hurt all year. I know he's a good guy, but he's just not a good player. He's terrible on defense, he floats on offense, and for a supposed sniper, 35.7% from downtown is piss poor. The only reason Travis is higher on my list of dudes that could be gone in a package this off season is because he has some tangible value that people want. Martell I get the feeling everyone pretty much knows by now that he's a passive sniper that can't really shoot all that well.

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