Tuesday, February 20, 2007

28 Days

Only 28 games remain in the season for the Blazers, a surprising turnaround year, certainly progress, but we'll save the overall review for the end of the season. Right now let's address some of the key issues in the last 28 games of the year.

22-32, 4th in the division, technically 5 games in the loss column out of the 8th playoff spot. Obviously they aren't making the playoffs, but they should focus on finishing ahead of the Sonics. Baby steps. They have a home heavy March schedule, I don't think it's unreasonable to think they can go 14-14 to close this thing out, 36-46, far exceeding expectations and trendy pick for the playoffs next year.

The trade deadline. In order, most likely to get dealt: Johnny Dixon, The All Star, Travis Outlaw. I could see Outlaw or Webster packaged with one of the other two get something of value. Some obvious guys we like here at the Blazers Blog, Corey Maggette, Rashard Lewis, Luol Deng, and Mike Miller.

Draft position. Hollinger covered it a few weeks ago, but there is really not a major mathematical difference once you get past the first 5 picks. They're not going to get there, might as well just win as many games and keep us fans and the good vibes flowing. They should end up in that 8-10 range (Chase Budinger warning).

Playing time. Time to really settle in on the rotation instead of just throwing shit against the wall like they have all season long. It's time for The Foundation to play a lot of minutes together (Sergio, Roy, Aldridge).

Brandon Roy's coronation as the Rookie of the Year. Foregone conclusion.

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