Thursday, February 08, 2007

At Center, #12...LaMarcussssss Aldridge

A few little noteworthy items as the Blazers set sail on a 4 game roadie that includes the much anticipated stop in DC against Agent Zero and his 2006/07 Vengeance Tour, Nate is next in his sights.

According to Jason Quick, the time has apparently come for The Marcus to start. Amazing that it took Nate 50 games to start his best center, and of course a bit shocking that Joel has started 37 of the 50 games while being a total disaster for roughly 37 of the 37. I like Joel but he's going to have to play better, this isn't being too hard on him.

Canzano does like to stir up trouble doesn't he? This one is high comedy on many levels. If you haven't seen his story in the Oregonian yet, and yes I know I'm awake and coherent before most sane people, he's got a big story today on Portland Mayor Tom Potter taking an illegal gift of front row tickets. I'm not sure what the best part of that whole story is, but let's break it down in bullet format again:
  • Potter is not allowed to take any entertainment gifts that value over $100. Yeah, sure.
  • Potter was given two $34, 300 level seats and that's what he claimed on his report, apparently figuring that when he got to sit in the first row court side it was roughly the same price. That's some quality logic right there.
  • The Blazers saying the tickets were "worthless". Well yeah, to them they were, to Global Spectrum they certainly weren't. The pissing contest continues.
  • I guess I can't ever be mayor of Portland, I've accepted free tickets many times. Of course we never would have had a ski lift in downtown that cost $60 million if I were mayor either. I would have built a much more economical gondola or a high speed quad.

Oh well, kind of a slow news day when we're talking about stuff so trivial. The Blazers get a big piece of Adam Morrison and his Bobcats tomorrow night before the big showdown with Arenas on Sunday morning. In typical Blazer fashion, the game I'm looking most forward to on the trip will not be on TV. It's at 10AM Sunday morning, no NFL, and against one of the best teams in the East on the road. I guess it makes perfect sense that it wouldn't be on, or not. Looks like I'll have to resort to Wheels and his "Boom Shakalaka" crazyness.

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