Tuesday, February 20, 2007

If The Playoffs Started Today

This would be what the bracket looked like.


(1) Dallas vs (8) Minnesota
(4) San Antonio vs (5) Houston

(2) Phoenix vs (7) Denver
(3) Utah vs (6) Lakers


(1) Detroit vs (8) Miami
(4) Toronto vs (5) Indiana

(2) Cleveland vs (7) Orlando
(3) Washington vs (6) Chicago

-The three division leaders in the West hold 8.5, 9, and 10 game leads.  Oy.
-Who do you think would be favored in that Utah-Lakers series?
-Would you rather be the 3-seed and face the Lakers, or the 4-seed and face the Rockets?  Tough call.
-Better question, would you rather be the 6-seed and face Utah, or the 5-seed and face the Spurs?
-This shows you how important that Lakers/Nuggets  battle for the 6-seed is.  Phoenix instead of Utah?  I’d be climbing all over myself to get that extra spot.
-As for the East, I see it as Detroit and then one big clusterf**k.  You could take any of those 2-8 seeds and jumble them all up (and with a 4.5 game difference between then, it just may happen).  I’d bet that teams will be going all-out to avoid the 8 and 4 seeds, though, to postpone a potential Detroit series.

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