Sunday, November 12, 2006


Some musings and other bullety stuff from the loss that dropped the Blazers to 4-3 heading into an interesting road trip.

- The Mavericks are a better team. I still don't want to hear anything about moral victories or how they put up a good fight or how they gave it a good try. This isn't Yale, I don't care about the old college try, words to live by in major sports: a good fight is one you win.

- The Marcus might be pretty good. I'm honest, I sent a text message in the second quarter tonight to the Blazers Blog Moderator (who for some reason still goes nameless to our readers) that read "I don't want to say The Marcus is a stiff, but he's a stiff." It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong, I am not a big man. Still, he's got some interesting potential.

- Jarrett Jack, quality NBA Point Guard.

- The officiating in the NBA is a debacle. I know this is news right up there with "Lochi likes alcohol" but this game was especially horrific, both ways. I suppose if there's one positive from their overwhelming dogshit officiating it's that it's not one sided. They call it straight up, crappy for each team.

- Every time I see the Blazer Dancers I think to myself "self, I wonder if they know they've been pimped out as part of a ticket package".

- The bottom line here is that the Blazers without Brandon Roy need Z-bo to play above and beyond a normal player to beat good teams. He did against the Lakers and Hornets, he was merely good tonight. We're all going to hold our breath and wait until Roy gets back, but this is most definitely a different team than the past couple years. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

i know why he hasn't given us his name yet. because there is no second writer!! it's just you isn't it "lochi"? and by the way what the hell kind of a name is "lochi" anyways.