Monday, November 20, 2006

The Sheridan Article

I was unavoidably detained on Friday and missed the big article from Chris Sheridan on (link at the bottom of this post). It warrants mentioning due to the extent of the article. Here's how I stand on these issues, some of which are well known, some others are a little behind the curtain over at 1 Center Court:

I like Paul Allen, I think he's got some bad advise, but he genuinely wants to win.

I don't like Steve Patterson, this should shock people if they're also shocked by the sun coming up in the morning.

I side with the Oregonian, which I'm usually not a fan of, in their feud with the front office. If you want to be seen in a positive way in the community, maybe you should do something positive and not take a title contender to the worst record in the league in 5 years, and that's on top of the jackass factor. Maybe Canzano takes pot shots from time to time, but what sports columnist worth a damn doesn't call them like he sees them? I think Quick is a terrific beat writer who simply reports what happens, if it's bad, the responsibility lies with the team, not Jason Quick. If it's good, we aren't going to give him the credit.

I think the Blazers complaining about the arena situation is a little bit like complaining about a hangover if you knocked back a bottle of Jack Daniels the night before.

The link to Sheridan's story if you haven't read it already:

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