Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Digging Deeper

Yep, I thought I had reached the bottom of The Abyss, then the Blazers went out and lost 3 games in a row. They were the lone bright spot, but they apparently didn't want to be different than all my other teams so they went into the dumper for a week as well. Thanks guys. 6-10, yuck. Anyway, one month is in the books, let's take a PER check throughout the roster, remember 15 is league average:

The Marcus: 17.76. I admit I may have been wrong about him. He looks pretty good so far, although I worry about Nate forgetting he's on the bench at times during the middle of the games. With Joel back they should be parking The All Star on the end of the bench and not letting him anywhere near the floor.

Dickau: 9.10. He stinks.

Juan Dixon: 11.98. Dixon isn't very good, although Nate likes him. When he's hot (not often) he's a useful 2 guard off the bench, when he's not, he's terrible.

Stephen Graham: 5.64. Hey Nate, he's not an NBA player, stop playing him.

Jarrett Jack: 15.88. A bright spot. He's been better than expected so far, despite what a couple afternoon radio hosts might say. Jack's held his own and has been above average in his first year as a starter, what more can you ask?

The All Star: 6.96. Awful, just...Awful.

Outlaw: 15.52. Bright spot #2, he simply needs more playing time. I don't know what they're doing playing some of their worst players as much as they play Outlaw, but this is hot button issue #1 with me right now. Get him out there, he brings a ton to the table and takes very little off.

Randolph: 27.46. Folks, that's not just an All Star, that's an All NBA type season if he keeps it up. As much crap as he takes, and deserves to take, he's been a bad ass on the floor so far.

Sergio: 10.89. His shooting is so craptastic that it undoes all the good from his 13 assists per 40 minutes. Still, an interesting player.

Brandon Roy: 15.52. Hurry back, we need you, badly.

Ime Udoka: 12.30. I go back and forth on Udoka, he's been better lately and if he was the 15 minute a night energy guy off the bench behind Outlaw he could be very useful. He's not a starting small forward in the NBA though.

Martell Webster: 9.77. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

I'm not concerned. We're a very young team and we've made a lot of improvement over last season and we'll be better next season. I think 30 wins is attainable this year and we'll go from there.

Anonymous said...

Jack is overrated, Mcmillan has no idea.

Aldrige an Rodriguez are our hope for the future.