Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Darius Miles Out For Season; Zbo Sued By Woman; The Sky Is Blue

A bit of a disappointing afternoon today in Blazerland.

First, the not-so-bad: Darius Miles is out for the year.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing -- as mentioned in my last post, I'm not entirely convinced we really want D-Miles anywhere near this team. I'm just disappoined we won't have a chance to trade him. As you all may or may not know, the initial plan had been to perform arthroscopic surgery on Miles' knee, give him a month or so to heal, and take it from there. However, during the arthroscopic procedure, doctors apparently found a few things they didn't like and ended up performing microfracture surgery which will now keep Miles out for the remainder of the season. From a cash perspective, this is a good thing for Portland, as they'll be getting a significant amount of his salary back in the form of insurance payments. From a cap perspective, it's a bad thing, as they're still on the hook for his full salary and now most certainly will not be able to trade Miles until next year.

Personally, I'm making the prediction right now that the club will negotiate some sort of a buyout between now and next October when the season begins; it's just impossible to see Darius rejoining the team in any sort of functioning role at this point. Although I'm not sure you can buy a player out when he's physically unable to play.

Secondly, the Zbo thing. Apparently -- and you can get all this information over at O-Live -- this goes back to the 2-man bachelor party. A woman was allegedly paid by Zach to perform a "simulated sex act" on another woman at his hotel room. She got drunk, passed out, and found Zbo on top of her. I downloaded the seven-page formal PDF complaint that was filed, and without reviewing the details here (there is some truly nasty stuff there), let me assure you that what this woman is alleging is very dirty and very wrong.

None of this is funny, and I'm just not quite sure what to say other than I hope this is simply a ploy by a greedy golddigger to get into Zach's pockets and coerce a settlement. If it's anything more -- which I can't say would be a huge surprise -- I think we're all in for a tremendous disappointment.

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