Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The First Roadie

The first extended road trip of the season begins tonight in Minneapolis against the 2-4 Timberwolves, a division rival that appears to be somewhat growing in stature thanks to Ricky Davis. Ricky being Scott Farkas from a previous post, calling the team a bunch of roaches and then going a little farther after the game the other night. He said he was planning on bringing RAID to the game tonight. Every good story needs a villain, and rather than look at the game tonight as a couple teams that will have their GM's sitting on that weird podium during the playoffs waiting to see if they won the lottery, we might as well use it as a good rivalry and building point for this young team. Unlike their previous games this year, it actually looks like the opposing team is gunning for the Blazers. The matchup tonight:

Jarrett Jack
Martell Webster
Ime Udoka
Zach Randolph
The All Star (now Joel has a "lower abdominal hemotoma", let's just say that a hemotoma in the area where he got hit is one of the most unpleasant things imaginable)

At the T-wolves:
Mike James (a Kevin McHale Special)
Ricky Davis
Kevin Garnett
Trenton Hassell
Mark Blount

Seriously, the Wolves have a dreadful roster outside of KG, although they do have a player named "blunt", good times. I'm not even going to mock Eddie Griffin, he's done plenty to himself already.

The Blazers have a very interesting trip ahead of them against 2 teams they certainly can beat (Minnesota and Boston) and two against teams they really shouldn't (Cleveland and New Jersey). If they get a split and come home 6-5 I'll be very happy. Portland is getting 8.5 half tonight, Vegas still not sure about our boys, I'd take the points tonight.

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