Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Game 1: Blazers at Oklahoma City Sonics

And they're off and running, a nice showing last night by the defending champs I might add. Game 1 for our boys tonight in what looks like a soon to be dead rivalry. In the near future when you head north from Portland looking for another NBA team you'll eventually hit the Staples Center after a very long plane flight. Anyway, the details:

Portland Starting 5:
Jarrett Jack
Brandon Roy
Ime Udoka
Zach Randolph
Joel Pryzbilla

Oklahoma City Supersonics:
Luke Ridnour
Ray Allen
Rashard Lewis
Chris Wilcox
Mouhamad Sene (not joking)

The Sonics are -8.5 for tonight's game and if I were a wagering sort I would place dollar bills on the Blazers getting those points tonight. Without the dude from Children of The Corn playing center, I really, really don't like this team on the inside. I look for Zach to have a big night, and I look for Brandon Roy to also put up a gem in his first appearance back in Seattle. If you have to start on the road in the Western Conference, and you can't play yourself, there couldn't be a much better place to start for the Blazers. Don't get used to this, but I actually like the Blazers to win tonight.

Official prediction: Blazers 96, Sonics 92.

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