Friday, November 24, 2006

The Abyss

I promised periodic updates over the long holiday weekend, so this will have to suffice for now. I've entered the Sports Fan Abyss and I'm trying to find a way out of it, any light at the end of the tunnel will do (more on this in a minute), observe the following I've had to live through in the last week, in bullet form just for some added fun...

  • The Ducks mail one in so bad at home against Arizona that they cause me to leave a Duck game earlier than ever before (even earlier than the Oklahoma game, which ended with surprisingly better results). They lost by 4 touchdowns at home to Arizona, they might as well have replaced the "O" on the helmet with a stamp.
  • The Broncos blow a 24-7 lead in Denver, Jake Plummer implodes, and they all but end all Super Bowl aspirations due to there being no chance at all for home field advantage.
  • I screwed up the stuffing (too much chicken broth, hence too soggy)
  • The Broncos lose in Kansas City, Jake Plummer implodes, and I consider climbing in the oven with the turkey.
  • The Ducks lose the Civil War in horrific fashion. It's still Friday evening, I'm not over it, I can't discuss it, let's move on.
  • My baseball team is paying 45 million dollars over 5 years for Juan Pierre.
  • Ernie Kent is still the coach of the Duck hoop team, so they still do things like struggle at Rice.

I'm dealing with a lot of shit. Thankfully, there are two lights at the end of the tunnel, one being Jay Cutler, but we don't need to talk about him. The second, this being the point of the whole post, is I'm very happy with the current state of our Trailblazers. 6-7, and if they can get a win tomorrow night in Sacramento they'll be looking at finishing a brutal November considerably better than I thought they would. Brandon Roy's been great, and as long as it's not a long term problem in his foot, he should avoid the rookie wall. The Marcus has been FAR better than I thought he would be. Basically, the Blazers are the high point for me right now, and as horrifying as that sounds, the future is bright. And now, back to the Abyss...

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, back on Monday with some all new rants and raves.

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