Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mavericks at Blazers

The 4-2 Blazers face the bottom feeding, 1-5 Dallas Mavericks tonight in The Garden. This should be an easy win, when you're an upper tier team facing a cellar dweller like Dallas, well, it's just a game you have to win. (insert the most sarcastic tone possible here). There are two ways to look at this game tonight, first, you get the best team in the NBA when they're playing like garbage and maybe you can actually get a win against a team that's vastly superior. The other is that you're catching them as they're regressing to the mean, obviously they're going to end up in the 60 win range and they have to start playing like the team they are eventually. I prefer to go with the former, the matchup is as follows:

Jason Terry
Devin Harris
Jerry Stackhouse
Dirk Nowitzki
Eric Dampier

Jarrett Jack
Martell Webster
Ime Udoka
Zach Randolph
The All Star

Just typing the lineups makes me cringe, but, they're 1-5 and playing like crap and the Blazers are playing terrific. Tonight also marks the return/debut of The Marcus. I'd expect him to make his first appearance sometime late in the first quarter, and frankly, this isn't a good game for him to get his feet wet. Eric Dampier is a hoss, Dirk is arguably the best player in the world, so other than that, have a good time, welcome to the NBA.

The Blazers are getting 5.5 tonight, currently sitting at 5-1 on the year, I will be taking the Blazers to cover. At this point, why the hell not?

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