Friday, March 23, 2007

Sideshow Bob

I like to think I keep up on things with the Blazers, but I have to say that I had no idea they signed Sideshow Bob to a 10 day contract. I flipped over to the game last night, watching it equally between it and the tournament, and suddenly there's a guy that looks like he's a classic Oregon big man running up and down the floor. Supposedly his name is Luke Schenscher, but since I don't want to type that when I'm making fun of him, he's Sideshow Bob. I think Pritchard just got tired of all of us making fun of Jamaal Magloire and decided to find someone that was clearly worse. So congratulations Kevin, you win, Sideshow Bob is worse.

On the bright side, that's two in a row, and I'm really not concerned with their draft position. There's not a huge mathematical difference from being in the 6 to 9 spots in the ping pong ball derby. Brandon Roy almost certainly sealed the Rookie of The Year by crushing the Knicks in a must win game for them in front of all the East Coast honks.

I guess I should say something nice about The All Star in the interest of fairness. 14 points, 16 boards against the Knicks last night and he looked like a legitimate player. That's the type of game that could have got you traded to the Knicks earlier this year Jamaal, thanks for pulling it out now when we can't deal you for David Lee and Renaldo Balkman.

Big night tonight, Ducks, Vegas, 6:40 from St Louis. If they want to run and gun with us, be my guest. Ducks by 10.

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