Sunday, March 18, 2007

7 Under Par

News and notes for a Sunday evening:

I see Kobe threw in a 7 under par 65 on our boys while I was away. Tivo'd the game, are the Blazers ever going to double on a high screen? My God, you have to give Ime at least a little help on those picks.

He pushed off badly on that last one, everyone saw it, including the refs, but because it's Kobe of course they were too busy watching and not calling the game.

Raef LaFrentz says it's a lost year for him? Looks like it's time to award the "Firm Grasp of the Obvious" prize for 2007.

I thought about ranting and raving about the Ducks, but I'm a little too giddy to form a ton of rational thoughts right now.

If the Blazers wanted to entertain offers for Jack in the off season and get an impact 3 in return, I think they could do worse than to draft Aaron Brooks with one of their second round picks.

Go Butler.

Apparently the reason Spanish Chocolate hasn't been playing lately is his defense against other high end guards that they've been facing recently. Rubbish. He needs to play, he just provides too much, plus they need to see more of what they've got to plan for the off season.

They're currently down 10 at the half, at home, against the Sonics. Smooth 12 points in the second quarter there guys.

Just to reiterate...go Butler. Has anyone ever made the Final 4 without playing a major conference team? Miami of Ohio, Winthrop, Vegas, and Butler?

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