Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's all Subterfuge and Innuendo

Subterfuge Stevie Patterson just officially resigned as President and GM, and the year of progress just keeps getting better and better. Brandon Roy, LaMarcus, and Sergio in the draft, Z-bo finally making The Leap, the team buying the arena back and not complaining about a broken financial model when the owner has $30+ bil, no arrests (during the season anyway), trading for Freddie Jones, and now Subterfuge Stevie is out. I'm not used to all of this, kind of makes me dizzy.

So Steve is out, unless it's all subterfuge, innuendo, and erroneous rumors, and Tod Leiweke is taking over. Leiweke is currently the CEO of the Seahawks, other than that, I know exactly nothing about him. I don't even know how to say the guy's name. Apparently the Blazers and Seahawks will also now be owned under the same corporate umbrella, Vulcan Sports & Entertainment, officially the dorkiest named sports corporation in the world. It's freaking named after Spock, I can't even make a good joke about that, it says it all by itself.

The key issue for us fans is who's calling the shots from a basketball operations standpoint. I think this means that Kevin Pritchard is now The Guy, and there's always been rampant speculation that he has been for the past year anyway. It's well known that he has Paul Allen's ear, he seems like a likable, bright, energetic guy, basically the exact opposite of Subterfuge Stevie. I had a feeling that it was Pritchard who engineered the draft day larceny that netted the Blazers with The Foundation, now it looks like his coup is complete.

I should mention that I'm going to miss having Steve Patterson to kick around, it's obvious that I didn't like him (who did?). His bullying, somber press conferences, his silly 25 Pieces of Flair for the franchise, his undermining of John Nash, and his handling of the Darius Miles situation which led to the classic exchange with the Oregonian where he said all of their reports were filled with subterfuge, innuendo, and erroneous rumors, only to have them all proven true a couple days later. He was an easy target, but he was also a very deserving target. Adios Stevie, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


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