Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pale Rider

Time to check out the window for a pale horse and a pale rider, or to see if the world has just stopped spinning. I just liked a commercial from the Blazers Marketing Dept and about 30 seconds later I agreed with Rice on the pregame show. Um...this is not good.

I'm calmly watching the pregame, usually looking for some good comedy like "we need Zach to play hard, get some rebounds and get his double double in order to win tonight". Then all of a sudden we hear that Freddy Jones is out tonight with an injured right hand sustained in practice (gee, I wonder how that happened, maybe we should keep him and Travis away from each other so they don't start in with dunk contests) and Rice then comments that Denver will want to push tempo and without Freddy we're going to need Martell to play well tonight. Couldn't agree more, he's going to have to knock down some jumpers to help out tonight.

The bigger surprise was the Van Halen "Right Now" montage they went with as their season tickets add. I really liked it. Usually I'm hear to poke fun at billboards with Ha on them or that ridiculous comic book thing they've had out recently, but this was quality. Lots of shots of dunks, as well as using some of the good will in the community, and trying to build on a little momentum from this season. Plus, I always kind of dug that song. The act is tired, the knock off on the video with the words scrolling along, but this add seemed to at least pull it off a bit. On the other hand, it might just be the alley-oop Freddy two hand reverse dunk against the Spurs that I can watch 1,000 times and not get bored. Who knows.

Anyway, surprisingly I like the Blazers tonight on the road in Denver. The Nuggets aren't playing too hot and this just feels like one the Blazers might sneak out.

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