Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A delayed congrats to Brandon Roy and his new son Brandon Roy, Jr. Hopefully in 2025 when he's playing for the Ducks we'll all be taking great delight in Jr destroying the Huskies. Some other notes, thoughts, whatever:

The team is just hideous without Roy, that was a debacle in crunch time against the Bulls. Actually it looked a lot like last year.

Aldridge is better than Randolph, there I said it, now I feel better. I hope to have a long winded diatribe on this subject up in this space shortly.

On a related note, I guess we all grieve in different ways, but stopping off for a lapper on the way to the airport? Now that's some grieving right there.

I'm almost 100% certain the Blazers will explore a trade for Randolph this off season. Aldridge's natural position is the 4, they will be getting Joel back full time, and you could get a star caliber small forward for him. Seems like a no brainer to me.

You could add Corey Brewer to the list of players that wouldn't be bad for the Blazers to draft.

The Other Guy should be back in action very soon.

29-42, 11 games remaining. Let's get up to about 35 wins this season and make a serious run towards playing some playoff basketball in 2008. It's always nice when you bet the over on the season wins and it's already paid by mid-March.

PER Report will be up this weekend, seeing as how it's the end of March here pretty soon.

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Rusty said...

"The Other Guy should be back in action very soon." By that do you mean Darius?

I think we need to just cut the guy. Buy him out. Addition by subtraction. Sure, as Michael Scott said in The Office when Andy expressed that sentiment after getting Dwight canned, "that doesn't even make sense." But in Darius' case, I think I'd rather take a $26 million dollar hit on the remainder of his contract than take the attitude hit back in the locker room. Although with Zach gone and the culture changed, maybe the rest of the team would pull him back into line.

I doubt he'll be able to lace them up again next season anyway, at least not for any meaningful play...