Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yes I Know The Finger, Goose

Look at that, a 4-2 road trip and the boys return 10-14, two games closer to .500. I have to say that I didn't see that one coming. I know they only beat the craptastic Griz, Raptors, and The Answer-less 76ers, but they also beat the Pistons, still more than a formidable bunch. Time to build some momentum, a somewhat struggling Clip team comes in Friday night and then a bunch of days off to rest up and get healthier.

There are a few issues to discuss however, there always are, the first would be Z-bo giving the bird to the opposing fans and getting hit with a whopper of a fine and a 1 game suspension. Luckily the game he missed didn't hurt them and Jarret Jack continued his terrific play, leading them to a win in Toronto. The bigger issue is the $133,000 he had to pony up and needless to say that pissed him off. Lots of guys, Mike Vick, a certain QB in the Mile High City who shall remain nameless because he can rot in hell, and even our own Bonzi Wells lobbed the bird at us one night. These brought about mostly $10,000 and $20,000 fines. Zach, somehow, makes sense bitching about being hit with a fine of 133 large. However, he still didn't take it like a man and simply say "it won't happen again". It's time to grow up Zach, you're playing like you have, off the court, not so much.

This Valentine sacking, while it does seem a bit like a meeting with the Bob's and their corporate downsizing, "I don't see...what it is you do here." Maybe he should have looked at them and said "I have people skills, I TOLD YOU DAMNIT, I'M GOOD WITH PEOPLE!!!" Anyway, again the big issue is how Subterfuge Stevie is just and world class ass head. Nothing like canning a dude the week before Christmas, not to mention flying all the way to Philly, whacking him, and then having him go tell the team about it. Look, if you want to fire someone fine, but at least do it with a little class is all. Of course that's asking a bit too much to ask from SS.

Even with those two unfortunate issues taking place in the last week, it does appear to be getting brighter on the horizon. A winning road trip, the return of Brandon Roy is upon us, hopefully the guys can grab a few more W's and string together a long winning streak. I'm optimistic right now, try not to screw it up.