Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just Throwing It Out There

I don't really believe that Portland will be in on any of the Iverson stuff as a third team. But if they were, what would be available, and what would they want?

Looking at the team as currently constructed, the following guys are both a big part of the future and are currently getting PT:

PG - Jack, Rodriguez
SG - Roy
SF - (Webster, Outlaw)
PF - Randolph, Aldridge
C - Pryzbilla

I put Webster and Outlaw in parentheses because we just aren't sure what's up with those two. Are they building blocks? Are they busts? Neither outcome would surprise me.

Items that would likely be available:

Items Portland would want:
-A decent backup center with a short contract
-A SF to fill the gap while they figure out what the futures of Webster and Outlaw look like

So given all of these things, what kind of deals actually work? Here's one three-team trade works under the cap:

To Golden State: Iverson, Dickau
To Philly: Richardson, Ellis, Foyle
To Portland: Mikael Pietrus

The Warriors get Iverson and another PG to fill part of the Monta Ellis gap; Philly gets a dynamic #2 in J-Rich and a very promising young PG in Ellis, and takes on Adonal Foyle's contract. Portland gets rid of a player they don't need while adding a SF who's contract expires at the end of the year.

As said above, I don't really think Portland will be in on any of the Iverson stuff, but if we come up with any more trade possibilities that make sense, we'll post them here.

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