Friday, December 15, 2006

Getting A Few Things Out Of The Way

Corey Maggette
Corey Maggette, the spectacularly underrated small-forward of the LA Clippers, has requested a trade. Portland desperately needs a starting-caliber small forward. What could Portland give up that the Clips could use? I know there’s been some rumors about whether LA has the expiring contracts to get a deal done. Well, what if Portland shipped out Jamaal Magloire, Travis Outlaw, and a draft pick for Maggette and some salary cap fodder. Wouldn’t that help out all parties? I doubt that would be enough to pry Maggette out of Donald Sterling’s greedy little sasauge-like fingers, but I’m just sayin’ that the Blazers should give it a shot. Or perhaps they could be on the back-end of a three-way Iverson deal where they don’t get AI but end up with Maggette.

As my co-author knows, I’m not really in favor of the Blazers making a ton of trades right now; I really do believe they should sit back for a while and let the youngsters develop. But they have an expiring contract to deal and they have one gigantic hole in the rotation, let’s see if we can’t get this done.

Portland's Upcoming Schedule
They surprised us with a cute little three-game win streak; what's up next? They've got the Clippers tonight, followd by Houston, Toronto, @ Phoenix, and The NOOCH, a game which I will be attending. Not an easy stretch, if they can find three wins in there I'll be purely amazed, and two is probably the expectation at this point. If they can beat Toronto IN Toronto when they don't have Zbo or Roy, they should theoretically be able to win in Portland with both of those guys right? Sometimes I wonder why they even play the games.

Throwing Up All Over The Page – Random Thoughts:
Anyone see the game-winner Baron Davis hit last night? … This Warriors team is the second-most fun team in the league to watch, behind the Suns … When the hell is Iverson going to get dealt? … I hope he gets sent to the Western conference, it would be awfully fun to see him in the west playoffs in May … Alright, I’ll just come out and say it, AI is a ballhog, and there aren’t a lot of teams who have room to give up that many shots … More AI stuff; currently he’s the leading vote-getter in the Eastern confernce; what happens if he gets traded to the West? … (I really don’t know, that’s why I’m asking) … You gotta love Paul Pierce, who justified his potential co-existence with AI by saying "I've played with the biggest 'jacker' in league history in Antoine Walker, didn't I?” … I’m pretty sure he’s talking about shot selection there, but hey, these are different times … Dirk Nowitzki has never had a triple-double in an NBA game … Who would you rather have, Marcus Camby and his $8 million cap number, or Ben Wallace and his $15 million?

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