Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Return of The Savior

Help is on the way. While the Blazers continue their longest roadie of the year, 3-2 so far, the biggest news took place at the team's practice facility out in Tualatin. Brandon Roy had an extended workout today, including a ton of running, cutting, and shooting. Results were positive, a bit of rust, and his ankle that was in the boot for so long appears to need some strengthening, but if all goes well tomorrow and at practice on Thursday, he'll be back on the court on Friday night against the Clippers. If he needs a little more time, the return is set for next Wednesday night.

The immediate impact is they actually get a quality NBA 2 guard back on the floor. Despite Martell's recent upswing and Dixon's occasional good play, the lack of a shooting guard has really cost them since he went down. Long term, let's just hope his foot is completely healed and he can get back to his rookie of the year campaign.

The most notable loss was his defense of course, but with Jack turning it up a notch, they have the makings of a dynamite backcourt, along with Z-bo and The Marcus up front, it's finally getting exciting around here.

As for the roadie itself, 3-2 heading to Memphis is more than I could have asked for. I know they only beat a dreadful Raptors team and Philly without The Answer, but wins are wins. A win in Memphis is almost probable at this point, 10-14 when Roy returns? I'll take it. The schedule is also a bit light coming up, I'm not saying they'll get back near .500 this season, but let's just say they're going to win a hell of a lot more games than the 21 they won last year.

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