Friday, June 24, 2005

Terry Porter?

With Milwaukee firing Terry Porter, naturally there's been speculation that he could be a candidate for Portland's coaching job.

I have mixed feelings about this, personally. Porter's always been a more soft-spoken guy, but as a player he was fantastic. Few people remember that he averaged 18 and 8 for about five years, made a few all-star teams, and used a lot of smart and heady play to make up for a lack in physical skills.

Is he a good NBA coach, though? His two years in Milwaukee were a mixed bag. The first year, it was a huge surprise to see Milwaukee sneak into the playoffs, and despite a first-round exit was considered a success. The second year I think was considered a disappointment, though injuries played a significant role and I'm not sure that Milwaukee team had a ton of talent to begin with.

Here's an email I sent to a friend yesterday on the topic:
Let me tell you something about Terry Porter: he is my ALL TIME favorite blazer. he was my favorite player growing up and probably my favorite NBA player of all time. You're talking to a guy who used to sport "Porterland" tshirts in elementary school. But I have mixed feelings about him as Blazer coach. I know it's a slam dunk PR wise, but as much as he was a fantastic point guard who was great at knocking down jumpers and 3's and leading the offense , I just am not sure about hiring Terry. I guess I haven't really seen anyting that spectacular in Milwaukee. Not thatI've seen anything bad, I just don't really know the guy as a coach. I know he's very humble and very nice, and was a very good x's and o's player ... but I'm just not sure about that right now.

What do you think?

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