Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another Blazer Rumor ...

The latest rumor floating around is that Portland is trying to use the #27 pick to move up in the draft. What they'd include with that pick I'm not sure. This is one of the deepest, most talented drafts that I can recall in several years and the thought of Portland landing another top-20 pick is delightful. A few ideas:
  • #13 - Charlotte Bobcats. They're rumored to be wanting out of the #13 pick, think they'd go for a deal involving Ruben Patterson or Darius Miles and the #27?
  • #15 - New Jersey Nets. They're also rumored to be looking to acquire multiple picks. What could Portland add to the #27 to get the #15 from them?
  • #19 - Memphis Grizzlies. Jerry West has been shopping the #19 all over the league. He's got a logjam at SG, but Bonzi Wells is rumored to be on his way out. Might Sergei Monya or Ruben Patterson interest the Grizz?
  • #22 - Denver Nuggets. Denver's got the #20 and #22 picks, and if they can't package them to move up, they'll almost certainly either trade the #22 or use it on a project that they can leave in Europe for a few years. They need a 2-guard, would they be willing to deal the pick for Sergei Monya?

With all of the talent in this draft, Portland certainly won't be the only team looking to acquire more picks. They'll have some competition, but they've certainly got the assets. Here's to hoping Nash can pull off another tricky maneuver.

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