Thursday, June 16, 2005

Martell Webster

Word is coming in that he wowed the Portland brass at his workout on Thursday, shooting the rock lights-out and drubbing Rashad McCants. Did you know that he's 6-7, 235 by the way? A quote from John Nash:
“What we learned today is that Martell Webster is capable of defending (shooting guards) at a very high level. (His) defense was very good and his ability to dribble the ball against pressure — he can dribble the ball low to the floor — was very impressive. He certainly is under consideration at three (selection).”

Under consideration at the 3? That sounds like posturing to me. I'm sure Webster is a great player, but you don't have to take him at the three. Nash is just trying to keep everyone guessing, especially Gerald Green. The team knows that they can't take Webster at the three, so my suspicion is that they're trying to convince Green to work out with other players in order to get a comparison. Nonetheless, it's encouraging to hear he looked that good.

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