Thursday, June 16, 2005

NBA Finals

We haven't spoken much about the NBA Finals on this site since they started. Overall, a fairly boring series -- not because of the low-scoring defensive style, but because we haven't yet had a close game. The Spurs have took the first two by 15 and 21 points, while Detroit ran away with game three by 17. We haven't had a game yet where both teams played great basketball and that's the most dissapointing of all. You have to give the Spurs some credit, though, they've jumped out to 2-0 leads in three consecutive series'.

As for game 4, I think it's another must-win for Detroit. You let the Spurs get up 3-1 and it's over. You know Tim Duncan will be looking for blood -- he's a notorious come-backer, meaning he has fantastic games following stinkers (and game 3 was a stinker). And for those of us who pay attention to this type of thing, the Pistons are actually favored by three points tonight.

Highlights from the game ...

  • Mike Tirico's ensemble: bright blue blazer, pink shirt, pink and purple tie. Wow.
  • To say that Magic Johnson struggles with the english language would be an insult to those who struggle with the english language. Ahmad Rashad mentions that the home teams are 3-0 in the series, Magic chimes in with the following: "Well, you know, it's been comfortable at both homes. But now it's time for the role players to step up after the stars be stars." (?)
  • On a positive note, they finished the interview this way: Ahmad: "Magic, you will always be my man." Magic (screaming): "And you know you my man!" Glad we could be there for that.
  • Duncan's first four touches on offense: sinks a turnaround, turns the ball over, turns the ball over, missed a jumper. So much for my prediction.
  • At 8:05 left in the second quarter it was 34-17 Detroit, and they never looked back. Just a brutal game for the Spurs.

I still say the Spurs win in six. Why? No way they play three stinkers in a row, and coming home for game 6 ought to be a lift. The Pistons have made an impressive run in these middle two games, though, and you have to give them credit for climbing back into the series.

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