Thursday, May 03, 2007

Recap of 5/3 Quick Chat

Quick joined Casey Holdahl (who by the way flaked out on me for a Q&A that was supposed to happen earlier in the season) for another of their “Coffee Talk” chats today.  As always, I spare you from having to listen by providing a summary of the important stuff below.
  • Regarding ROY winning the Eddie Gottlieb Trophy, Quick essentially said that he was happy for him, he’s such a good guy, and its great for the franchise.  (both the franchise and The Franchise).
  • Roy’s biggest goal this offseason is to improve his three point shot.
  • Five teammates showed up for ROY’s Eddie Gottlieb Trophy press conference, which is pretty cool.  The five were Zbo, Dickau, Jones, Udoka, and Miles.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge finished sixth in the voting.  Quick wasn’t surprised he finished that low and expects him to potentially be on the all-rookie team.
  • A weird question came up about a potential trade with Orlando.  Quick was a little vague but generally denied knowing anything.  File that away for later.
  • He reiterated thinking that Portland will end up with Rashard Lewis, and likely at the expense of Zbo.  Chicago was identified as a potential third team to get involved along with Portland and Seattle.
  • The Lakers are going to blow their team up, so don’t be surprised if they get involved.  (Ironically I was emailing with the co-author of this blog about this earlier today.  Very easy to see them offering a ton for Zbo.)
  • Most likely Blazer to be dealt: Dan Dickau.
  • Zbo got the cast off of his hand this week.  It was a minor injury, on the non-shooting hand, and won’t be a big deal for any potential deal.
  • There are rumors about a Jarrett Jack to Atlanta deal.
  • Kevin Pritchard is “obsessed” with getting one of those top-2 picks.  Once we know where Portland is going to be drafting, then we’ll have a better idea of what the offseason approach will be.
  • Quick’s take on Pritchard is that he’d go with  Durant if Portland had the #1 pick.
  • Pritchard’s “numbers” that he runs say that the team is most effective when Joel Pryzbilla is on the floor.
  • Quick: “I think Raef (LaFrentz) will be the surprise of next season...he can be a 12-point, 8-rebound guy next season.”  (?)
  • Martell Webster: “I don’t think he fits anymore.  It’s hard to say he’s going to improve because he doesn’t take to coaching very well.”  Boy, he sure has lit into Webster the past few weeks.

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