Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lotto Day

The big day is here, where we get to find out if the Blazers are extremely lucky and can start measuring spots in the rafters for some more banners that aren't from guys that played 30 years ago. I think they're on the brink of something very special anyway, but obviously adding Durant or Oden would be beyond my wildest imagination. Some things to consider, using The Moderator's favorite bullety format:

  • The Blazers are far better off than most of the teams in the Lottery, it wouldn't be a disaster if they didn't end up with the #1 or #2 pick. That's reserved for the Celtics, Hawks, Bobcats, Grizzlies, etc.
  • Jeff Green, Corey Brewer, Wright, they're all good fits, would slide right in for the Blazers as the starting 3 and they'd be a borderline playoff team next year.
  • Noah and Hibbert are interesting but the Blazers are probably picking a bit high to take either of them.
  • I'm not buying the Chinese Guy hype. Chad Ford has gone batty before, and this is just screaming Asian Darko. Please, just for my sanity, don't take the Asian Darko.
  • We've been over this before, but I'm firmly in the Oden camp. That's multiple titles. No elite center in the history of the league has ever gone title-less with the notable exception of Patrick Ewing who had to deal with Jordan and The Dream his whole career.
  • Kevin Durant might make me pass out though. The thought of a starting 5 of Jack, Roy, Durant, Z-bo, and Aldridge is just...well I can't really talk about it rationally.

Finally, one note about the Blazers new deal with Comcast, it sounds like the way to go from a revenue standpoint. In baseball the teams that can muster up their own exclusive channel have made a boat load of cash from it (YES, NESN, etc.). However, I've sent out some e-mails, spent about an hour doing research, and I've still yet to find how this effects those of us that have DirecTV. I love the Blazers, but let's just say I will be seeing a lot fewer games if they're not made available in some way on my DirecTV.

That's it for now, I'll be back this evening for a wrap up of the Lottery.

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