Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Updated Mock Draft

As your faithful moderator, I provide you with the second version of my lottery mock draft. Revised from yesterday. A couple of changes based on new information.

1. TOR - Bargnani. This still looks like the pick. I don't believe they'll move down.
2. CHI - Aldridge. I believe the Bulls take him here; he's much safer than Thomas.
3. CHA - Gay. From what I've been able to dig up on the net, MJ appears to be leaning towards him.
4. POR - Morrison. I believe Portland is hoping Aldridge goes in the top 3 so they don't have to pick between the two.
5. ATL - Sheldon Williams. Another foolish pick by the second-worst GM in sports.
6. MIN - Roy. No brainer if he falls. Ricky Davis can play the 3, Roy the 2, and they'll both compliment KG.
7. BOS - Foye. They need a PG and he would be a great fit. Think they'll trade this pick to Portland?
8. HOU - T. Thomas. One of Thomas or Gay will fall to Houston at #8, and I believe it will be Thomas.
9. GSW - O'Bryant. They worked him out yesterday and if they keep the pick, it's the Big Irish Stiff.
10. SEA - Brewer. I don't buy this "Seattle needs a big man" talk; they'll take a guy who can defend and will learn to score.
11. ORL - M. Williams. They'd love to get Foye, but if he's off the board then Marus Williams is their pick.
12. NO/OKL - Simmons. They need a big man and Simmons' skills will fit in nicely.
13. PHI - Shawne Williams. They are supposedly debating between Simmons and Williams. May trade the pick.
14. UTA - Sene. They need a center, and though he's a project he has the chance to be quite effective.

There you have it. This may change pending new information, so stay tuned.

As for Portland's pick, to me they have two options: Morrison or Aldridge. I'd be very excited to get either one of those guys. I know that if the team selects Aldridge with Morrison still on the board, there will be some mutiny in Portland.

Think about it for a moment: what's easier to find, a dominant post-up player or a scoring wing player? And with Nate's love of defense, how well would Morrison fit in? I'm not saying I prefer Aldridge -- the opposite is true, I hope they select Morrison -- but I'm only pointing out that you could see how the argument could be made.

And don't forget, we'll be live-blogging the draft this evening. Check back here starting at 4:30. We'll simply create one post that will go pick-by-pick, so all you'll need to do is refresh after each pick.

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